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New Early Literacy Resource!

November 3, 2017

Speakaboos is a library of over 200 interactive stories and songs designed to make reading your child's favorite activity.

Speakaboos opens up a world of possibilities, whether it be reading and listening for enjoyment or allowing teachers to focus on comprehension skills, vocabulary development skills, or other foundational literacy skills. Some stories may be used simply to add to a classroom theme or unit of study.

Speakaboos educational methodology is based on the research results of the National Reading Panel and other literacy experts, including the approach of educational psychologist Dr. Alice Wilder, one of the world's leading experts on learning through media and formative research. Every aspect of Speakaboos content and product design is anchored in fundamental principles of literacy development and the child's point of view.

Speakaboos Methodology:

  • Capture Interest and Motivate Kids to Read
  • Focus on Comprehension
  • Grow Vocabulary
  • Scaffolded to Build Confidence and Mastery
  • Kid-Tested Content

Access Speakaboos from the Limitless Libraries Elementary "Research Tools" and "Database" pages to learn more!