What is Limitless Libraries?
Limitless Libraries is an amazing program that allows MNPS students (like YOU!) to have items delivered to their schools from the Nashville Public Library. Limitless Libraries also orders new materials for your school library. We told you it was amazing!

How do I sign up?
If you are a 3rd-12th grade student at a traditional MNPS school, then you are automatically signed up!

Ok, I’m automatically signed up, but where do I get my Nashville Public Library Card?
Your 9 digit 190 number is now your library account number. If you are in 5th-12th grade, your student ID is your Nashville Public Library card, and you can use your 190 number to check out books at both your school library and at any of the 21 Nashville Public Library locations. If you are in the 3rd or 4th grade, then you can only use your 190 number to have books delivered to your school. Your school librarian might give you a card with your 190 number on it to help you remember.

How do I actually request items to be sent to my school?
Go to www.limitlesslibraries.org and click on “Account Login” at the top of the page. Sign in to your account using your ID number and PIN. Ask your school librarian about your PIN if you don’t already know it. Look around for the materials that you want and then click “Request It.” Select your school for the pick-up location, and Limitless Libraries will make sure that the items that you want get to your school. One tip: pay attention to whether or not there are holds on the items that you are requesting. If there aren’t any holds, you should have it in about 3 days. If there are holds, though, you’ll have to wait in line for the item and it might take a while. If there are holds on something that you need right away, check your school library’s shelves to see if you can just grab it there.

I can request anything?
Yes! We have books, movies, CDs, and Playaways, and Limitless Libraries will deliver them all. However, we will not send any R-rated movies to schools! Note: 3rd and 4th graders may request materials from the Juvenile Collection ONLY.

Where will my items be once they are delivered?
Items will be delivered to your school library.

I can’t get logged in! Please help me!
The fastest thing to do is to talk to your school librarian. She or he can verify your information with the Nashville Public Library to make sure you get logged in soon.

Parent/Guardian FAQ’s
Click here to view the Parent/Guardian FAQ’s.

What if I need to stop delivery?
Have your parent or guardian fill out this form and give it to your school librarian.

How long will it take to get my stuff?
If the items are available, it should take about 3 days. If there are holds, it is going to take longer. The more holds, the longer it will take. However, if you need it RIGHT NOW, check your school library shelves.

WAIT, there are fines?

  • If you are in 3rd or 4th grade, Nashville Public Library does not charge any fines or fees to your Limitless Libraries account. You should still take care of the items that you check out, though!
  • If you are in 5th-12th grade, Nashville Public Library does charge fines for overdue materials. We have to make sure we get our stuff back!
    • Here’s the deal:
      • You can check books, Playaways, and CDs out for 3 weeks and DVDs for 1 week. If you look at the Limitless Libraries sticker on an item that you’ve checked out, you’ll see its due date. This date is when you need to have the item either back to your school librarian or any Nashville Public Library branch. You can log in and renew items that you need to keep longer on www.limitlesslibraries.org, but you can’t renew items that have holds on them.
      • You’ll be charged these fines if you return something late:
        • Books: 10¢ per item, per day. $2 maximum per item.
        • Playaways: 10¢ per day, per item. $5 maximum per item.
        • Music CDs: 10¢ per day, per item. $5 maximum per item.
        • Videos/DVDs: $1 per item, per day. $10 maximum per item.
    • If you straight up lose something or just never bring it back, you’ll be charged a replacement fee based on what the individual item cost. If your fines and/or replacement fees are more than $20.00, you’ll lose your ability to check out items. If that happens to you, talk to your school librarian about fine forgiveness opportunities!