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Freegal – Free Music Downloads
Would you like to download any song you want, put it on your iPod and keep it forever…free? Download five songs every week from freegal, using your library card. Freegal features music from the Sony Music catalog. Get songs from Beyonce, Miranda Lambert, Glee Cast, Bob Dylan, Chris Brown, Adele, and hundreds more. Songs are yours to keep.

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Read popular books on your Nook, Kobo, Kindle, or Sony eReader. Check out books with your library card, then put them on your ereader. Use the Overdrive App to borrow eBooks for your iPad, iPod Touch, or droid tablet.

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Audio Books
Listen to narrators and authors read your favorite books. Download an audio book for your iPod/iPad/iPhone, MP3 player, or smart phone and listen to an audiobook on the go. No library visit required.

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Stream and download new movies, tv shows, audio books, and songs to your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

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